With offices in both the US and Europe, LL Events is rapidly growing to become a power player within the world of sports travel. In 2008 Owner and President, Lindsey LaZaroff, was working as a hotel executive when she saw a niche in the market that wasn't being fufilled. Coaches were taking time out from coaching to book their team travel. Graduate assistants that had never even booked a hotel room for themselves were negotiating $10,000 contracts. Parents who had full-time jobs were also volunteering their time to be team managers and the commitment was becoming a second full time job. The result in most cases was unnecessary confusion and duplication of efforts. You can have an expert with a proven sales success rate in the hotel industry serve as one point of contact, negotiate everything while getting the team more value for it's budget and the service doesn't cost the team a thing. Over the past five years, LL Events has formed exclusive hotel relationships across the US. We have partnered with a prestigious travel agency, thereby affording teams the opportunity to secure all necessary bus and / or airline reservations as a part of our comprehensive package of services. We've become experts in meeting the unique needs experienced by each sport as it travels.

LL Events will secure the lowest hotel available rates for your game or tournament based upon the number of rooms needed and requested concessions. We offer the highest quality of service to our teams, coaches, fans and vendors. Let us do what we do best so you can focus your efforts on the game. We believe if all parties have a positive travel experience, everyone wins.